« PEUR SUR LE PARC » returns from 1st October to 6th November 2022

“Peur sur le Parc” will soon be returning to Parc Astérix. For this occasion, the park presents a brand new zone only for its most daring visitors: « The Curse of The Sirius » located at the Théâtre de la Joconde. Chilling encounters, haunted houses and a new horror buffet, once again this year Parc Asterix is transforming itself to provide guests with a fully immersive experience in a wonderfully terrifying atmosphere.


For this new season, Parc Astérix receives a disturbing visit to its docks from a ship that has been missing for almost a century: the Sirius. Its mysterious passengers, presumed shipwrecked for so long, are really looking forward to setting foot on dry land and getting to grips with the friendly Gauls… Afflicted by an unknown evil that caused the disappearance of the boat, its passengers disembark and enter a frightening new zone. A new performance space with three new shows, one of which will be performed vertically up the side of the ship, as well as two new food and beverage outlets on the edge of the haunted vessel and, at night, a live DJ set that will make visitors and the mysterious passengers want to dance in a brilliantly spooky ambiance.


The catering on offer has also been completely redesigned for this occasion, with a brand new Horror Buffet in the Restaurant Le Cirque. A former circus performer named The Master was fired from the circus he worked in. Furious, he has decided to take his revenge and open his own horror-themed circus. Visitors will meet new strange and disturbing characters such as Jingo the Terror – the cannibal clown; Carmen – the tormented medium or the Strange Slave. Locked up in cages, they will be presented by The Master during the Horror Buffet. On the menu: pumpkin soup in a cauldron, mini “witch’s finger” hot dogs, avocado brains and squid ink pasta with vegetables. On the dessert buffet, visitors can try Jelly Eyes panacotta, enjoy a blood-soaked chocolate fountain or savour the bloody maggot and popcorn fondant. (A lunchtime family ambiance based on a Halloween theme and at dinnertime an immersive atmosphere with live characters, not recommended for those who may be a little sensitive – Single price: 27.90€ at the restaurant Le Cirque)


Once again this year, Parc Asterix is decked out in the colours of autumn with 14 tonnes of pumpkins and 3,000 stalks of corn and bales of straw installed along the paths of the park and its hotels. To ensure that everyone has the best possible experience, scare zones are marked out throughout the park, with traffic lights to indicate the level of fright: Small Scares for the little ones, Moderate Scares for the whole family and Big Scares for our more daring guests… Little ones will be able to walk through a trail that looks like a living garden in the Forêt d’Idéfix. A whole world of plants will be showcased through creatures that are larger than life!

The Sorcerer’s Trail: Under the effects of a horrible spell, the Route Nationale 7 is transformed and takes visitors on board its old bangers for a ride full of pitfalls, witches and pumpkins.

The Infernal Cauldrons are bubbling over! Visitors embark on a swirling cauldron but they are not alone on their travels. Evil spirits take over and interrupt this hellish journey.

Le Picte awaits Little Gauls in the “Village des Irréductibles” for an animated tale with lots of surprises.


The Streets of Paris will be as captivating as ever thanks to the appearance of many different characters: zombies, witches, wild beasts and even knights from another time will not fail to astonish even the most courageous visitors.

The Monster Parade makes a triumphant return with a brand new design and takes place daily once the park closes. 

The Catacombs: This haunted house is only for the most daring visitors who want to embark on a frightening expedition into the darkest reaches of the catacombs. Guided by a gravedigger to a secret entrance in the heart of a cemetery, they enter the haunted house through a large vault located in underground tunnels. They soon realise that this is a trap… A rockslide, a mass grave, a tunnel, dead bodies; courageous visitors in search of a way out will have to deal with all this and more… With a surface area of 300m², this haunted house is set out across 14 rooms in which visitors wander at the mercy of unpleasant surprises! Special effects involving smoke, sound, wind, light and even smells are added to this unique adventure. (Entrance included with the park ticket)

The House of Fear: For those who love thrills, this is a place in which to confront your worst nightmares. Visitors will embark on an exciting journey to meet various mythical characters of “Peur sur le Parc”: the living dead, clowns, spiders and the famous “man with a chainsaw” will be there to welcome them.

The Wrath of Anubis: Visitors can explore the archives of an ancient Egyptian collection with the help of a torch. However, angry spirits have been unleashed. If provoked, no one knows how they will manifest themselves. This is a place where it is best to be on your guard.

The Lost House: Visitors will set off on an expedition into the stars in search of the crew who are lost on a strange planet. A close encounter of the 3rd kind featuring some very strange creatures. 3D experience.

The 6-Holes Funfair: in an abandoned funfair, psychedelic characters are on a mission to make visitors enjoy 6 different experiences including dances, stunts and games of all kinds.

The Metamorphosis Show: the live metamorphosis of a man into a frightening creature. Théâtre de la Fontaine – duration 15 min

The Magna Maléficus Show: father and son Sorcerers, the hypnotic powers of Magna Maléficus will mesmerise visitors. Théâtre de Panoramix – duration 20 min


There will be three days of events, with extended opening hours until 10pm on 1, 8 and 15 October. Six must-see nights, which require a special ticket, will be held on 22, 28, 29, 30, 31 October and 5 November until midnight. The programme for these night-time events includes the Inferno fire and music show, where artists handle fire and pyrotechnic effects and the sound and light show on the emblematic façade of the Oziris attraction.


  • 250 artists create the Peur sur le Parc experience including terrifying monsters and the undead!
  • 100 make-up artists, wigmakers, costume designers and technicians.
  • Each complete transformation of the performers takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour of costume, make-up and hairstyling (depending on the character).
  • 14 tonnes of pumpkin (3,500 pumpkins).
  • 3,000 corn plants and hay bales.
  • 400m of spider’s webs.


Billet futé :   adults from 12 years: 47€ – children from 3 to 12 years : 44€ offer available at http://parcasterix.fr

Billet liberté :  adults from 12 years: 55€ – children from 3 to 12 years : 47€ offer available at http://parcasterix.fr

Billet tribu : single rate for 5 to 9 tickets 45€ and for 10 to 15 tickets 43€ offer available at http://parcasterix.fr

Billet nocturne : purchase in advance for 42€, or 44€ at the door, limited availability, offer available at http://parcasterix.fr

Skip-the-Line Filotomatix tickets. See the whole range of options at http://parcasterix.fr

Skip-the-Line Filotomatix Peur for 19€ (pre-purchase only) or Filotomatix combined ticket (attractions and haunted houses) for 55€ (pre-purchase only) offer available at http://parcasterix.fr

Reservations and more information at http://parcasterix.fr

About Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix, a tried and tested potion for 30 years. 35 km north of Paris, Parc Asterix is a mix of 47 attractions and shows set in 6 worlds (Gaul, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the Vikings, Through Time and Egypt). Parc Asterix is a stunning adventure aboard OzIris, the Pharaohs’ attraction, or Goudurix, the rollercoaster with 7 loops; excitement for Little Gauls in the Forêt d’Idéfix, or thrills for the whole family in the Pégase Express attraction! And after a day full of adventures, the park also offers three hotels with a unique atmosphere, in the heart of the forest, to complete the experience!

Find all the news and the media library of the park on https://newsroom.parcasterix.fr/accueil/

Parc Astérix, a leisure destination from Compagnie des Alpes 

Since its establishment in 1989, La Compagnie des Alpes has established itself a leader in the leisure industry. Managing 11 of the world’s most popular ski areas (Tignes, Val d’Isère, Les Arcs, La Plagne, Les Menuires, Méribel, Serre-Chevalier, etc.) and 13 renowned leisure destinations (Parc Astérix, Grévin, Walibi, Futuroscope, etc.), the company has experienced continuous growth in Europe (France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, etc.) and more recently internationally (Chaplin’s World by Grévin in April 2016 and engineering and management assistance contracts in Morocco and Japan)



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