Travel further with Eurostar

Eurostar 2

Twenty years after Eurostar transformed travel to the Continent with trains to Paris, Brussels and Lille, a new era has begun for Europe’s most exciting train service. The first direct train to Lyon and the South of France is leaving London-St Pancras on May 1st, a journey time of just over 4.5 hours to Lyon and 6 hours to Marseille. As an added bonus, passengers travelling home from France no longer need to check in 30 minutes before departure. Lille Europe station has been extended and refurbished and all passengers from Lyon and the south will temporarily disembark there for check-in, security and immigration checks.

The new service brings a large number of popular tourist destinations within easy reach including the mountains, lakes and countryside of Savoie-Mont Blanc and the Rhône-Alpes region, the lavender fields of Provence, and cultural city hotspots such as Lyon, Avignon and Marseille. Here are just a few ideas of new things to do by train …


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