Experience the harvest in Burgundy


Date: 6th of September – Length: 3 hours

Immerge yourself into the hard work of a winegrower, discover the vineyard and the cellars of the beautiful domain of Château de la Greffière.

At the end of the day, you will become an expert in white, red and Crémant wine!

PS: The French loves to learn by experimenting – get your palate ready for a wine tasting!

You won’t leave empty handed, a bottle of Mâcon La Roche Vineuse Blanc for the adults and a bottle of  grape juice for the children will be offered at the term of this epic day!

Price: 8.50€/ Adult  – 3.50€/ Children

Booking only by email: info@chateaudelagreffiere.com
Web : www.chateaudelagreffiere.com – www.macon-tourism.com


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