The Caves du Louvre – Paris

An unique cultural and multisensory winery experience


wine-890370_640From the 19th October, this stunning royal wine cellar in central Paris will be made available to the public. Built in the 18th Century, it held the fine wine that the royal sommelier selected for King Louis XV.

A Special Guide

Discover here one of the largest (and oldest) wine cellars of the Capital which presents itself in a fun and interactive way, through the use of a new type of guide…

Before you visit, download the mobile app which will guide you on your journey through the cellars. Take the tour at your own pace this way, using videos, explanations, anecdotes, and even quizzes.

With this app, embark on a journey of discovery full of surprises about the mysteries of wine, throughout the 600m2 of cellars located beneath the city.


The 5 Senses in 5 Rooms

Follow the course designed to engage each of your five senses, including the chance to sample some varieties of wines at the end of the tour.

  • First room: Touch

Learn about the composition of French soils used in grape growing

  • Second room: Smell

Discover samples of scents and grape varieties

  • Third room: Taste

Experience the flavours of some different basic tastes in wine

  • Fourth room: Sound

Enjoy the fizzing of bubbles from sparkling wine

  • Fifth room: Sightwine-855166_640

Admire the various robes (colours) of wine

By the end of your visit, the world of wine will have unveiled some of its most precious secrets to you. Definitely a trip worth taking!

Les Caves du Louvre
52, rue de l’Arbre Sec
75001 Paris

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