Museumotel – Bubbles island



At first, the Museumotel is a commercial structure, so we absolute take care of quietness for our customers, this is why the island is not open freely to visitors.
Indeed, only the motel and/or the bar customers are allowed to discover the place on condition to respect carefully the instructions.

The motel and its plot are completely protected by a registration to the Historical Monuments.the motel and its plot are completely protected by a registration to the Historical Monuments.


He is an architect who began his activities around 1950 and is one of the rare people interested by the technique of the “concrete veil”, the free architecture.musemotl

His ambition was to offer individual residences, modular, practical, cheap and very different from the big grey concrete city districts …
But, in spite of a great general enthusiasm, the administration slows down strongly the development of this kind of constructions. So it’s about fifty constructions witch have been built in France and Switzerland between 1960 and 1975. The Motel de Râon l’Etape is the only hotel structure that Hausermann have made.

Around the motel there are full of curiosities and activities link to culture, green tourism, winter and summer sports, heritage, gastronomy … everybody do well out of it !


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