The Saga du Rhum Museum – La Réunion



Get ready to experience the rich rum culture and fall in love with La Réunion! Situated near the city of Saint-Pierre the old family distillery, The Saga du Rhum Museum, is still functioningrhum today. The museum provides a variety of surprises to further acquaint you with the joys of rum and awake your senses!

  • Listen: Sit back and enjoy the wonderful sugar cane story and learn more about the distilling process and the tools used like the grinding mill, a unique traditional feature of La Réunion.
  • See: Let us guide you through the art of distilling fine rum by visiting the Isautier distillery and its famous still.
  • Feel: Let us titillate your senses with the smell of molasses, the alcoholic vapours and the feeling of a job well done!
  • Taste: Try the granita as well as other exciting new flavours in the museum shop and be inspired by an array of cocktail ideas!



Saga du Rhum Museum, La Réunion
Chemin Fredeline
BP 354  – 97410 Saint-Pierre de la Réunion


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