Bordeaux & Aquitaine

Bordeaux and the region of Aquitaine are coming to Central London on 4th February 2016 to introduce you to their unique heritage. Bordeaux Métropole Tourism Board & Convention Bureau, Aquitaine Regional Tourist Board and their partners together with Sylvie Bermann French Ambassador to the United Kingdom are delighted to host a special Bordeaux press conference.

This special event  will be the opportunity for you to meet our French partners while sharing Southern France specialties with a glass of wine.  This is what Bordeaux’s region is best-known for.


Bordeaux Wine Museum

It promises to be an exciting year for Bordeaux which unveils the city’s emblematic new building in 2016.  On the banks of the Garonne in an up-and-coming dockland area, a vast glass tower in imaginative modern design will dominate the skyline. A wine museum to celebrate and showcase the region’s flagship product, the Cité des Civilisations du Vin is a ‘lighthouse’ that shines with the expertise of thousands of years of winemaking.  Visitors can discover the relationship between wine and culture across the world from ancient times to the present day and enjoy a panoramic view over city and vineyards from the observation deck 35 metres high and the 7th floor restaurant. Opening early June 2016.

Lascaux 4

Located in the Vézère Valley, Lascaux IV will open in the summer of 2016, an extraordinary replica of almost the entire original cave copied using state-of-the-art techniques and guaranteed to give visitors a real sense of life here in prehistoric times.  Experience a steppe landscape dominated by animals, then fast forward to 1940 and the discovery by four young boys of the cave entrance.  Visitors will enter the dark, damp replica cave in small groups for the most authentic experience possible, then discover the full story of cave life and rock art through exhibitions and interactive displays.

Other major event in Bordeaux 

Don’t miss out the Bordeaux Wine Festival 10th Anniversary.


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