Loire Valley

©David Greyo_CRT Centre-Val de Loire

In 2014, the Val de Loire was recognised as a tourism brand http://www.valdeloirefrance.com was set up in June 2015, inviting people to discover a destination
in which lifestyle and hospitality are everything. Richly illustrated with videos
and images, it serves four purposes: attract, plan, organise and implement and
emphasize the visitors’ experience.

Top 5 For 2016

500th Anniversary Of The Arrival Of Leonardo Da Vinci
2016 celebrates the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Leonardo Da Vinci at
the Royal Château of Amboise and the Château of Clos Lucé. The Loire Valley
welcomed many Italian artists, and their influence can be seen throughout.
Special visits, exhibitions and events are on the programme.

May 2016 – The Harmony of the Seas Leaves Saint-Nazaire
The largest cruise ship in the world which has broken all records: 362m long,
66m wide, up to 6,360 passengers and 2,100 crew members.

Fontevraud Lights By Yann Kersalé
Fontevraud will inaugurate the lighting of the Royal Abbey as designed by
internationally renowned artist Yann Kersalé. Kersalé uses light to devise a
subtle and poetic setting, capturing the spirit of Fontevraud.

Key Events
Every year, from December to the beginning of January, Christmas events are
organised at major sites – Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, Azay-le-Rideau,
Cheverny, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Sully-sur-Loire and others such as Beaugency,
Meung-sur-Loire, La Bussière. Visitors leave behind the everyday life and delve
into the enchanting world of the end of year festivities.

Remarkable Tapestries In Angers
The exhibition at Jean Lurçat Museum “The Apocalypse – According to Jean
Lurçat” questions the artist’s relationship with the remarkable Apocalypse
Tapestry hosted in the Angers fortress.

What We Are Looking Forward To In 2016

Opening Of The Château Of La Bourdaisière Cellars
La Bourdaisière, known for its extraordinary Tomato and Dahlia
gardens, opens its troglodyte (cave) cellars to visitors in 2016 to
host events and entertainment but also to visit the permanent
exhibition with an innovative multimedia tour: projection of 3D
images on the tuffeau stone walls.

What We Are Looking Forward To In 2017

The Sailors Are Back
The first arrivals of the Vendée Globe racers after over 24,000
nautical miles and three months at sea from the Cape of Good
Hope (South Africa), Cape Leeuwin (Australia) and Cape Horn
(Chile). They will be crossing the Atlantic to regain Les Sablesd’Olonne
at the end of January 2017.

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