Toulouse, France’s fourth largest city, located in the heart of the south-west, is a relatively unknown yet fascinating city. Called the ‘pink city’ because of the many terra-cotta bricks used in buildings, Toulouse is nowadays a cosmopolitan melting pot and the European capital of aeronautics and space.

TOP 5 FOR 2017

20th anniversary of the ‘Cité de l’espace’

The European space capital, the ‘Cité de l’espace’, is a unique theme park and Europe’s premier astronomy and space science and culture center. In 2017, the park celebrates its 20th anniversary and is planning a variety of events: as astronauts exhibition, special late night openings, and the 30th World Congress of Astronauts.

Rugby in the city

Toulouse is a city passionate about rugby, and to share its passion, the city’s main square, the Capitole, will be turned into a rugby field for the final of the French Championships ‘TOP 14’ on 4 June. There will be rugby-inspired celebrations in the city with even the youngest getting a chance to be introduced to the sport.

The summer of music

‘Toulouse d’été’ (July – August) is the summer music rendezvous. Artists and upcoming talents representing all genres of music share the stage. Two to four concerts take place each week, and musicians, singers, dancers, and circus artists perform on the banks of the Garonne, in public gardens, at the cathedral, and at museums.

Life’s a beach

Don’t miss Toulouse Plages! Each summer, the city of Toulouse transforms a number of sites along the Garonne on its quay. The quay hosts a Ferris wheel and a floral garden, while various sports are the focus of the activities in the main garden.

Food festival

Organised during the National Gastronomy Festival, “Toulouse à table” is THE unmissable foodie festival. From 18 -24 September, visitors can take part in culinary workshops or visit the food trucks, chefs competitions, and a big street banquet.


The local covered markets organise regular ‘night at the market’ events with tastings, live music, and fun! 20 May: Museums stay open for free until late into the evening for the European museum night.


  • 15 – 18 June ¡Río Loco! Festival – Music
  • 23 – 25 June Water Mix Festival – Mixing water sports and music!
  • 30 June – 09 July Festival tangopostale – Dance
  • 30 August – 03 September Grande Braderie de Toulouse – Street market and sale

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