Newsletter – March 2018

France is all about experiences…

Ask Francophiles why they love this country, and they’re bound to respond with ‘the food’, ‘the wine’, ‘the landscapes’, ‘the culture’…There are so many ways to enjoy the French Art de Vivre, but what is the best way to experience it fully? By crossing the channel of course!

Press trips for 2018 are slowly coming together and we will let you know in due course. We are of course more than happy to assist you with potential individual press trips. So if you already have a destination in mind (and a commission 😉 ), feel free to drop us a line at!

Calendar highlights, news and more inspirational ideas for potential upcoming features are listed in our revamped #FEEL Press Pack 2018 here.

French Travel Media Awards 2018 – The Winners

What a night! Atout France invited all British media to submit their work for consideration in the run up to the French Travel Media Awards 2018. The list of winners, shortlisted by a jury panel consisted of 5 experts in the travel media industry, has been unveiled on Tuesday 27 February at the Carousel, London. Thank you again to all our lovely journalists for braving the snow and of course, congratulations to all the #FTMA18 Awards winners!

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France by the sea

Has everyone brought their swimmers?Dotted along the 5,500km of coastline of mainland France and Corsica, the French coast and seaside resorts offer a change of scenery, peace and quiet, and a sense of discovery, where visitors can enjoy their natural unspoilt landscapes while still being able to take advantage of the activities you would find in a town or city… with the beach and invigorating sea air as a double bonus! Cannes, St Tropez, Dunkerque, Deauville… Time to tempt your readers with a real sense of escapism!

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France by the glass

French Wine regions reveal their secrets – France now boasts 10 million wine tourists per year making it the world’s top wine tourism destination. This success is the result of a growing desire to experience the treasures and expertise of our terroirs. It is also due to the efforts of key players in the industry in offering a more professional and enriching experience for visitors. Find out more on, your official source of inspiration for wine tourism in France.

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France by Top French Cities

Urban tourism at its best – Inviting travellers to explore the 28 Top French Cities is one of France’s ways to share its rich and varied history, heritage, cultural happenings, gastronomy and all aspects of French joie de vivre. What is the common thread that unites these major cities ranging from the meridional Marseille, the Burgundy city of Dijon, the Alsatian city of Mulhouse, Flemish Lille, the Breton town of Rennes, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes city of Clermont-Ferrand or the capital of Occitanie, Toulouse? Day trip, short-break or long stay, discover what the main cities of France have to offer.

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