Château du Clos Lucé – 2017 Programme

Leonardo da Vinci organiser of royal extravaganzas and celebrations

Some 500 years ago, King Francis I appointed his guest Leonardo da Vinci as the “Master of Entertainment” and ordered him to prepare royal celebrations. The “First painter, engineer and architect to the King” reintroduced Italian splendour, costumes, lighting effects, clever mechanisms and automation to Amboise. This artist became the creator of extravaganzas designed to showcase the King of France’s power and greatness. In 2017, Château du Clos Lucé invites you to learn about this little-known aspect of Leonardo da Vinci’s talents. Throughout the year there will be unique party costumes made from his drawings, summer nights imbuing a party ambience on Clos Lucé and the European Renaissance Music Festival so you can relive the extravaganzas put on by Leonardo da Vinci at the court of Francis I.

Clich here for the full  programme


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