5 reasons to visit Brittany in 2018

In a world where time is so precious, we believe the secret of a replenishing break lies in the ability of actually slowing down. Take some time for yourself, open your eyes and awake your senses, meet fantastic people and reconnect with nature just across the Channel. In Brittany, you can feel a world away without having to travel to the opposite side of the planet. Spectacular landscapes and preserved nature, fresh sea air and authentic living, miles of coastline and picturesque villages… Brittany ticks all boxes.

Just go where the wind takes you as you travel in a hot air balloon, or transport locally-sourced goods on a traditional sailing boat. Enjoy the benefits of nature though reinvigorating walks, relax in an eco-friendly country estate, stay in a luxury retreat at the westernmost tip of mainland France, choose to go ‘car-free’ on a peaceful island, learn from locals how to cook wild plants, experience something unique, or just simply feel Brittany.

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Celebrate the Route du Rhum’s 40th anniversary

Since 1978, the legendary transatlantic solo race departing from Saint-Malo, Brittany to Pointe-à- Pitre, Guadeloupe has seen many talented sailors such as Franck Cammas and Ellen MacArthur facing the challenges of high seas. This year, the 11th edition of the race promises an exceptional sports scene, with six classes of boats and no less than a hundred boats competing. On 4
November 2018, join the 200,000 people who come every four years to watch the boats depart in Saint-Malo.
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Visit the breathtaking wonders of Brest Terres Océanes

With impressive lighthouses, steep cliffs, and spectacular tides, ‘Brest Terres Océanes’ coastline promises big thrills. Feel the timelessness and grand scale of nature, draw strength from the elements and fill your lungs with fresh sea air… just a short flight away from London, Birmingham or Southampton.
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Treat yourself with a gastronomic meal in the trees

At the heart of a 31-hectare park of contemporary sculptures, the Chateau des Pères is the new must go place in Brittany. The gastronomic restaurant La Table des Pères offers natural and local cuisine. The chef, Jérôme Jouadé, was a finalist of the popular French show “Le meilleur menu de France”. Fruits and vegetables are picked from the Castle’s park which give an original touch to his dishes. The Restaurant has found a perfect decor in the setting of this ancient feudal mansion. To spice up summer nights in this magical place, the Chef offers a delightful experience: a gastronomic meal, 6 meters up perched in the trees!
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Dive among shipwrecks

Brittany is famous for its natural and cultural heritage, but it also reveals as many treasures underwater to those who want to dive there. Fauna and Flora abound on the falls and nestle in the
3,500 shipwrecks that history has left in the depths of the sea, leaving Brittany with a unique underwater heritage. Depending on the tides and their depth of immersion, shipwrecks are reachable for beginners also. Under the watchful eyes of a diving expert, Breton wrecks are fantastic playgrounds for all the living species that found shelter in them: blue lobsters, spiders, congers, catsharks, cods or even Jon Dory fishes. Not forgetting those hiding behind anchors, propellers, engine rooms… or even in the middle of anemones or sea sponges decorating the walls…
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Own an island for a night

On the Pink Granite Coast, when night falls, the Milliau Island could be yours. Looking for an adventure just like Robinson Crusoe’s story? In Northern Brittany, you can walk to Milliau Island
on foot at low tide. When the evening tide comes in, day visitors return to the mainland, leaving you alone on Milliau, with a fantastic feeling of freedom. With the island to yourself, you have the whole night ahead to explore every small corner of the islands 23 hectares of unspoilt nature, to swim, or just simply relax in this tranquil setting. And when the fun is over, you can retreat to your friendly gîte, an ancient 16th century farmhouse.
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