©OTCM – Caroline DUTREY


Inviting travellers to explore this group of 29 cities is one of France’s ways to share its rich and varied history, heritage, cultural happenings, gastronomy and all aspects of French joie de vivre.

What is the common thread that  unites these major cities ranging from the meridional Marseille, the Burgundy city of Dijon, the Alsatian city of Mulhouse, Flemish Lille, the Breton town of Rennes, the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes city of Clermont-Ferrand or the capital of Occitanie, Toulouse? It is the idea of France as a whole, the result of millennia of history that has permeated the buildings, traditions, inhabitants. These are all characteristics that make a French city incomparable to any other European destination.

Alongside of brands including Paris, Provence, the Côte d’Azur, Champagne and Normandy, these destinations are also hubs representing modernity, creativity, elegance and the zeitgeist of French culture.


– Aix-en-Provence
– Amiens
– Angers
– Annecy
– Avignon
– Bordeaux
– Clermont-Ferrand
– Dijon
– Grenoble
– La Rochelle
– Le Havre
– Lille
– Marseille
– Metz
– Montpellier
– Mulhouse
– Nancy
– Nantes
– Nice
– Nîmes
– Orléans
– Poitiers
– Reims
– Rennes
– Saint-Etienne
– Strasbourg
– Toulouse
– Tours
– Versailles

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