Keep calm and quench your thirst!

Savoie-Mont Blanc may not be the first place that springs to mind when you’re thinking beer, but many local craft breweries produce varieties from glacial water, flavoured with Alpine plants or blueberry. The Brasserie du Mont-Blanc has twice won awards in the ‘Best Beer in the World’ and other breweries worth trying include Brasserie des Cîmes and Brasserie du Galibier.


  • La Brasserie Alpine makes the new 3 Vallées beer. It is a blond beer, 100% brewed in the Tarentaise Valley and bottled at La Brasserie Alpine. A 3 Vallées white beer and a red ale will be launched in the spring. The 3 Vallées beer can be found on the menus of some of the most exclusive restaurants in the 3 Valleys, such as Le Chabotté in Courchevel and Le Farçon in La Tania.
  • At 1,430m, the Brasserie du Galibier, in Valloire, is France’s highest microbrewery, and one of the highest in Europe. Le Galibier, a famous summit in the French Alps, has exceptionally pure water straight from the glacier. Thanks to the high-quality water and the knowledge of the Master brewer, Le Galibier brewery makes three types of excellent beer.
  • The Brasserie de la Vanoise in La Norma, in the Maurienne Valley, brews an organic beer mixed with locally-grown saffron. They make a blond beer, a white beer and a brown ale.
  • Brewed and drank in Saint-Gervais! La Marmotte beer is made at the foot of Mont-Blanc and can be bought at the Pur Bar in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc.

Two times World Champion

Savoie beers

  • The Brasserie du Mont Blanc in Chambéry has been recognised twice at the World Beer Awards – in 2013 for its white beer and two years later, the Rousse du Mont Blanc took the title for the world’s best amber ale.
  • La Brasserie des Cîmes, located in Aixles-Bains, makes five excellent beers, each of them with a funky label. There are three blonds (Cimoise, Hors Piste and Yéti), a white beer (l’Aiguille Blanche) and a pale ale (Piste Noire).
  • The Brasserie de la Vallée du Giffre in Morillon makes 12 types of beer, all low in alcohol.
  • The Bec Jaune Brewery in Morzine brews its own beer as well as importing a large selection of beers. Enjoy a beer with some of their delicious food made with local and seasonal products.
  • In Chamonix, the MBC (Micro Brasserie de Chamonix) also makes its own beer and serves a large variety of burgers and other food.

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