City break in Toulouse

We put together amazing places to eat, adventurous activities and charming accommodation to get the most of your stay in the pink city!

Day 1










Visit of some major Toulouse Museums :
– the Augustins museum (fine arts / with the special Jorge Pardo art exhibition) (Place Victor Hugo, 31000 TOULOUSE)
– the Abattoirs modern art (with the famous giant Picasso’s curtain specially exhibited for 2015) (76 Allée Charles de Fitte, 31300 TOULOUSE)
• Stroll among the major marketplaces of Toulouse (like Victor Hugo one, Place Victor Hugo, 31000 TOULOUSE)
Lunch : enjoy a regional meal at the Louchebem at the 1st floor of the marketplace of Victor Hugo Place (Victor Hugo 31000 TOULOUSE)


• If Saturday: English guided tour « discovering Toulouse » (2 hours / walking tour): an overview of the main sites and monuments of the town.
• Try out one of the 5 discovery itineraries, by foot or by bike (you can rent a bike at the Maison du vélo, 12 Boulevard Bonrepos 31000 Toulouse or even just use a VélôToulouse)
• Airbus A380 assembly lines (Allée André Turcat, 31700 BLAGNAC)
– Dinner : treat yourself with a gourmet meal at Michel Sarran’s restaurants which has 2 Michelin stars
– Nightlife: Casino Barrière (18 Chemin de la Loge, 31400 Toulouse), bars, clubs, etc

Day 2


• NEW since January 2015 : Aeroscopia museum (Allée André Turcat, 31700 Blagnac)
• Cité de l’espace (Avenue Jean Gonord, 31500 TOULOUSE)
Lunch : Brasserie Le Bibent – listed by the National Monument & with view on the Capitole square

Brasserie Bibent (c)D.Viet



• The Natural History Museum which celebrates its 150 years in 2015 (35 Allées Jules Guesde, 31000 TOULOUSE)
• The Bemberg Foundation and its exceptional Bonnard collection (Place d’Assézat, 31000 TOULOUSE)
• Enjoy a cruise on the Garonne or the Canal du Midi with the Bateaux Toulousains (108 avenue Raymond Naves, 31500 Toulouse) – online booking
Dinner: Le Py–R – rising star of Toulouse gastronomy (19 descente de la Halle aux Poissons, 31000 Toulouse)

Things to do
Violette Pastel (c)JM.Herrador









• Don’t forget to get your Pass Tourisme to discover Toulouse and benefit from many advantages :
• Book online your activity (tours, cruises, activities, leisure, etc) or your weekend with So Toulouse Tourist Office :
• Discover the Violet of Toulouse :
• Discover the Woad / Pastel = the blue gold of Toulouse :
• You can also enjoy golf at the Toulouse-Seilh golf, attend to a match of the Stade Toulousain rugby team, etc.

Where to stay?

• Citiz Hotel – a four stars property in the heart of Toulouse (18 Allées Jean Jaurès, 31000 Toulouse)
• Hotel de Brienne – a four stars designer hotel located near the Canal de Brienne (20 BOULEVARD MARECHAL LECLERC, 31000 TOULOUSE)
• Le Grand Balcon Hotel – a mythical charming and stylish hotel from the 1930s, in the heart of Toulouse (8-10 Rue Romiguières, 31000 Toulouse)

How to get there?

Toulouse is easily accessible from the UK by plane or train. Toulouse is 5 hours and a half from Paris by train and is just less than 1 hour and a half by plane.


Visit Toulouse

Discover Midi-Pyrenees region

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