Travelling along with the wind – Burgundy


Set off to discover breath-taking views

To enjoy a rather original experience in Burgundy, nothing could be better than a trip in a hot air balloon. Hot air balloons operate from April to October, weather permitting, early in the morning or in the late afternoon. During these times the air is more stable, offering the very best conditions for a comfortable, turbulence-free journey.

Carried by the will of the wind, balloons travel silently on their way, unveiling some incredible landscapes as they go. Vineyards bathed in sunlight, medieval towns and villages, churches, castles, wooded hillsides… Wherever your departure point, you are sure to fly over the thousand and one treasures that Burgundy offers.

Travel the skies in absolute relaxation

Flight time is between an hour and ninety minutes. At take off, you will be able to assist in inflating the balloon, a magical moment if ever there was one. During your adventure a vehicle will follow the balloon in order to return you to your departure point after landing. Following your trip you will receive a certificate, which will immortalise these exceptional moments.

In the basket and on the ground you will be assisted by qualified experts, ensuring absolute safety every step of the way. Finally, if you have a taste for balloon flights, you can make the pleasure last with a balloon pilot initiation class!

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