Autumn colors in Corsica

Autumn Colors

Come to discover Corsica adorned with its most beautiful colors

The Corsica Tourism Agency and all its tourism partners offer you the very best offers to help you discover, visit and enjoy the Treasures of Corsica this autumn.

Accommodation, activities, culture, terroir… the Corsica Tourism Agency has brought together around one hundred suggestions for discoveries, top tips and ideas for breaks that are specially designed to help you make the most of a season that is perfect for discovering the island as a couple, with the family or with friends.

Autumn in Corsica is an extremely pleasant time of year. The island is blessed with a mild climate and beautiful, sunny days. The sea also retains its summer warmth. You can enjoy an afternoon of late summer sunshine and an evening where the first fires of winter are burning in the fireplace. During the autumn, most of the island’s accommodation, shops and restaurants remain open.

Visiting the island at this time of year is like rediscovering your senses: the fragrances of the maquis, mixed with the sea air; the contrasting colours of the coastline, the forest and the beach; the peace and majesty of a natural landscape that has been undiminished by the actions of man; finally, the flavours of a gastronomy that is rich and as diverse as the land itself…



A micro-continent, a natural Eden that the advance of the modern world appears to have overlooked, Corsica is primarily a mountain island. It is a land of contrasts that undoubtedly provides a unique experience. As soon as the relative hustle and bustle of July and August has ebbed away, the gentle pace of life returns. This is a combination of an exceptional climate and an exoticism that is all the more striking given the proximity and accessibility of this island.


At harvest time in the oldest and the only island vineyards in France (9 AOC appellations and native grape varieties), you are never short of reasons to discover the island, its heritage and its specialities: Small producers and farm-inns in the heart of the island, traditional markets in the ancient Genoese cities of Ajaccio and Bastia, or even events dedicated to gourmets, such as the Fête du Miel (Murzo, 22nd and 23rd September), the Foire de la Châtaigne (Bocognano, mid-December) and many more besides…


The nature lover inside you will be astonished by the diversity of an island that, in just a few kilometres, takes you to the ends of the Earth. The Nature Parks (on land or at sea) are ideal for family outings, as well as for more adventurous souls in search of wide open spaces: walking, diving, cycling or just exploring the nature sites that are nestling in diverse and well-preserved landscapes.


In autumn, it’s easy to allow yourself the freedom to be guided by your desires. The many Mediterranean influences, reminders of which are seen in the island’s rich built heritage, invite you to enjoy an earthly journey that is, at the same time, out of this world: the anthropomorphic megaliths of the Sartène region, the Baroque churches of Castagniccia or the medieval Genoese forts…there is always another chapter in the story…

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