Cointreau – Angers


Established over 160 years ago in Angers, France, and driven by the energy of its creator, Édouard Cointreau, Cointreau is one of the world’s most famous crystal clear spirits.

Cointreau’s distinctive amber square-shaped bottle is a global icon, and its subtle taste is a perfect balance of bitter and sweet orange peels grown and meticulously selected for their quality. Cointreau’s bright and clean flavor makes it an essential ingredient in top shelf cocktails such as the Cointreau Fizz, the Original cointreauMargarita, the Cosmopolitan, and the Sidecar… Its versatility, defined by its capacity to combine the richness of its flavors and aroma, also make it a perfect choice neat or on ice.

Today, more than 15 million Cointreau bottles are sold worldwide and Cointreau remains the authentic choice of many top bartenders in the smartest and most
fashionable bars.

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