Cabanes des Grands Lacs


franche comte

Water usage

Our Tree Cabins have been designed to save water and have no water or electricity. The Floating Cabins have a supply of non-drinking water for small everyday uses.

On your arrival, we provide everyone with a 1.5L bottle of water for 2 people which can be refilled at the tap.

Please leave us what you don’t use so we can water our flowers with it!

Local eco-friendly products

cabanesWe prefer to use eco-friendly cleaning products for our Cabins (washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets, unbleached coffee filters, disinfectant, etc.).

The products in our baskets are produced locally, as far as possible:

the pastries are provided by the Gamet bakery at Rougemont.

The products in the baskets come from Le Tuyé de Mésandans

Waste sorting

Since the beginning of the venture in 2009, we have ensured waste is sorted for recycling. Yellow waste bins were provided for homes in the Haute-Saône department in autumn 2011.cabanes 2

To help our cabin guests manage this waste, we provide them with bin bags for non-recyclable domestic waste. We also suggest that cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminium is placed in the baskets used for delivering supplies, so that we can do the final sorting ourselves.

The palm leaf tableware in the dinner baskets we deliver to order is also composted.

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