NAUSICAA, one of the largest aquariums in Europe!


NAUSICAA, the French National Sea Centre Boulogne-sur-mer in France, will become the biggest aquarium in Europe. On the 19th of May 2018, a massive expansion of NAUSICAA will open to the public for the first time. An amazing destination for lovers of the sea, where you can experience the vastness and fragility of the Ocean. This opening will make NAUSICAA one of the World’s largest aquariums.

> Download the press release HERE.

Built in the shape of a Manta Ray, the new building houses one of the largest aquariums in the World, holding a staggering 10,000 m3 of water (to give an idea of the scale, the equivalent
of 4 Olympic pools). Modelled on the island of Malpelo, off the coast of Colombia, this giant aquarium will recreate the ecosystem of the high seas. Sharks, manta rays and shoals of other fish will populate this ecosystem, with almost 60,000 creatures in the community! An 18 metre-long transparent tunnel offers a totally immersive experience with panoramic viewing angles. A vast viewing panel, measuring 20 metres long and 5 metres high, will also give spectacular views for the visitor. The exhibition will also feature interactive attractions and dazzling new sights.

NAUSICAA is much more than just an aquarium. It is a centre where the unique marine environment can be discovered in a fun, educational and scientific way, with a primary focus on the relationship between Mankind and the Sea. In 25 years, NAUSICAA has welcomed over 15 million visitors and become a major player in efforts to raise awareness of the marine environment. Above all, the Centre’s role is to rally members of the public behind efforts to improve the way in which the oceans and their resources are managed in order to encourage them all to take action. NAUSICAA is a UNESCO “Centre of Excellence” because of its awareness-raising activities.

With this increase in size, NAUSICAA, which is a major tourist attraction in the Hauts-de-France region, is beginning a new chapter in its history. This extraordinarily-sized structure is a real architectural, aquatic and technical challenge which has been realised at NAUSICAA for the first time in Europe! This large-scale project is being implemented by the Communauté d’Agglomération of the Boulonnais.

Key figures
100 m2             – area of the big viewing panel (20 metres long, 5 metres high)
6                       – number of weeks it took to fill the big tank completely
10,000 m3       – volume of water in the big tank
16,000 m3       – total volume of water at NAUSICAA
58,000            – number of creatures
1,200               – number of unusual species
15,000 m2       – main exhibition area
7 km                 – length of the water treatment pipes

Please contact for HD pictures

Arturo de Frias Marques – Licence CC BY-SA 4.0 / Wikimedia

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