The boardwalk of Deauville is legendary, tempting visitors to tread in the steps of the stars of cinema in between a spot of fabulous shopping in the town’s prestigious stores and a visit to the number one attraction in Normandy – the Mont-Saint-Michel. However, as extraordinary as it is, this icon of monastic art doesn’t totally eclipse other exceptional Norman treasures.

When you visit Normandy you’ll discover bucolic countryside where delicious cheeses abound, majestic cliffs steeped in myth, and unspoiled seaside towns immortalised by the painters of the Impressionist movement. There are immense sandy beaches, some of which are memorials to key events of the Second World War.

For more information, visit


  • Remembrance tourism (Omaha beach, the Peace Memorial)
  • The Mont-Saint-Michel
  • The city of Dauville
  • The Etretat cliffs
  • The Museum of Modern Art André Malraux – MuMa

Photo gallery

Any photo request regarding the Normandy region? Sign up and visit their photo gallery.

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