It’s all about wine this autumn

The lovely autumnal colours are beginning to appear and we have been busy dusting off the thick jackets, woolly jumper and sensible shoes. The only thing needed to complete the new season’s look is, of course, a glass of French wine to warm us all up. With the Beaujolais Nouveau celebrations on 16 November, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to share our latest tip(ple)s.

A cellar like no other

There’s competition on the wine cellar front. The craze for new architect-designed cellars is still going strong and one recently unveiled to the public is the fantastic La Cavale cellar in the Luberon (South East of France). After seven years of hard work, the well-designed space proudly showcases its best wines which visitors can sample during the various tours and events organised on site.


Armagnac – A woman’s world

Mostly associated with men Armagnac, produced in the Gascony region of south-west France, is also being carefully crafted by two sisters. After returning from Paris where they both worked in the world of perfume, Caroline and Sophie Rozes have another way of putting their noses to good use. With a recipe handed down over generations they are continuing family traditions with a hint of girl power.


Enjoy Cognac in style

The opening of the Hotel Chai Monnet will benefit anyone looking to enjoy a stylish stay in Cognac. The five-star hotel due to open in 2018 will include 100 bedrooms and suites, 14 apartments, two restaurants, a jazz bar and lounge and a pool/spa.  Being on the doorstep of some of the great cognac houses, it will be the first complex of its kind in the region.


CAHORganic at the Chateau de Chambert

Walk among the grape vines with a guide and discover the secrets of the organic cultivation of the famous Merlot and Malbec grape variety, emblematic of the Cahors district. Then visit the historic cellars where you will enter the world of winemaking and discover the fermentation and ageing of the wines. A story is hidden behind each bottle of Chambert!


New Wine trail in Bordeaux

Have you already heard about Bordeaux’s Urban Wine Trail? Even the name, you have to admit, is pretty intriguing. The concept is simply to take you on a city-based tour of Bordeaux’s wine bars! It’s a new, 100% urban tour designed to delight wine-lovers eager to get off the beaten track…


Discover the Loire Valley Wine Routes

A new chapter in the story of the Loire Valley  has opened with the redrawing of its numerous Wine Routes. 17 tours are awaiting connoisseurs, novices and families alike to discover the heritage, wines and producers of this less known wine-growing region. And there’s a bonus: there’s no risk of getting lost with the interactive map and GPS for smartphones! So what are you waiting for?


Opening of the Vin Jaune

Immerse yourself in this ancestral wine tradition by attending the next opening of the Vin Jaune ceremony on 3rd and 4th of February. Resulting from a unique and long maturation process, it is a rare wine also called the “yellow gold of the Jura”, so exceptionnal that it gets a whole weekend dedicated to its opening!


Château de Pommard Climats Experience

Are you perplexed by Burgundy’s various regions, villages and wines? Join the Climats Experience to discover the acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Climats of Burgundy. Be ready to impress your friends after learning all about Burgundy’s diverse appellations and the correct techniques to tasting and describing vintages!

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