ViaRhôna: The perfect cycling route for an autumn break

Viarhôna aux alentours d’Andancette (26) © Christian Martelet

The Rhône-Alpes region is well-known for its mountains, vineyards along the Rhône, and also for its strong Roman heritage… Why not doing it all at once and explore this rich area by bike? Since 2015 it’s possible, thanks to the ViaRhôna.

Finished in 2015, the ViaRhôna offers 815km of cycle route, from Geneva’s lake to the Mediterranean Sea. The landscapes to cycle through vary with the road: mountains, vineyards, Roman remains, castles, lavender fields, small villages… There’s a lot to discover and aumtumn is a good season for it. So enjoy cycling through coloured trees and smells of the forest.

Viarhôna in the surroundings of Tournon-sur-Rhône (07) © Christian Martelet

To make the most of it, the best way is to spread the route over several days,  ride at a slow pace and take time to explore along the way. Cultural visits, preserved natural areas, local wine producers are only a snipet of what one can see and do along the way. There are also many paths suitable for families.

Viarhôna et vignobles autour de Tournon-sur-Rhône (07) © Christian Martelet
View on the Rhône, Tournon and Tain l’Hermitage from Route des belvédères (26) © M. Rougy

It’s unlikely you’ll struggle finding a place to stay as there is a large choice of accommodation such as campsites, hotels and Bed and Breakfast.

Last but not least, you cannot stay in Rhône-Alpes without tasting the worldwide renowned gastronomy, and the ViaRhôna makes no exception to the rule. Along the river, cyclists will easily find restaurants and bistros serving the region’s specialties.

Restaurant le Bistrot de Serine, Ampuis (69) © Christian Martelet


Planning tips

It is possible to rent bikes or electric bikes for the day in some tourist offices. Some companies also organise all inclusive trips where luggage transfers, accommodations, activities and bike rentals are taken care of.

Station “Libélo” au port de l’Epervière, Valence (26) © M. Rougy

ViaRhôna appears to be the perfect destination for an autumn break: it combines stunning autumn-coloured landscapes with cultural and grastronomic activities to warm you up between two biking sessions! So, what are you waiting for?


Le Rhône and Viarhôna in the surroundings of Andancette (26) © Christian Martelet

More information on the cycling routes and activities along the ViaRhôna here.

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