Best Christmas Market in France

27th October – 31st December

christmas market (1)

It was in Strasbourg in 1570 that the very first edition of the oldest Christmas market in Europe took place, then called the “Christkindelsmärik” (market of the Infant Jesus).

Since this time, Strasbourg has continued the tradition of a traditional, authentic, warm and generous Alsatian Christmas and these are all the reasons why “Strasbourg, the Capital of Christmas” continues to enjoy repeated success.

In 2014, Strasbourg hosted Belgium, whose charms you could discover in the Belgian Village.

During 10 days, 71.622 web users from 83 different countries voted for their favorite Christmas Market among 15 different towns. With 23,4% i.e. 16 759 votes, Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas has been chosen European best Christmas Market for the second time in a row, ahead of Aachen and Vienna.

For Alain Fontanel, vice mayor of Strasbourg, “This vote awards our continuous effort to offer a genuine and quality market, in compliance to Christmas’ spirit”.

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22nd November – 24th December 2015

Christmas market
When the end-of-year festivities are approaching and the different sites and districts in the city are buzzing with the Christmas Market, it is the tradition for Saint Nicolas to come at the beginning of December and reward good children with sweets and candy, whilst the evil Père Fouettard takes care of those who have not been so well-behaved…
Boutiques and shops are generally open on the 3 Sundays before Christmas, meaning you can enjoy the spicy smells right up to the last minute on city breaks.
The Big Wheel, an ice-rink and other winter games provide a wide range of leisure activities for young and old alike.

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