Antibes Juan-les-Pins Tourist Office & the Eden Casino present:

56th Jazz à Juan 2016 (14th to 24th July 2016)

Jazz +á Juan vu du ciel (Vertige Photo)

Since 1960 and the creation of Jazz à Juan, jazz has changed, jazz has mutated, it is everywhere, « all over the world », permeating, transfusing and instilling itself into all musical styles, redefining borders and boundaries, and must be recognised as the vast musical trajectory which has brought Afro-American culture to the threshold of the most contemporary and universal questions in music, while careful not to become lost in the prolixity of what we might conveniently call « World Music », nor hardened into an academic discipline destined for maintaining heritage.

And so Jazz à Juan has remained, for all these decades, an open and evolving festival, in other words optimistic, intuitive, nonconformist, avant-gardist, universalist, synergistic, culturalist, environmentalist, humanist, intimist, modernist, mutationist, mutualist, progressive, retrofuturist…

While celebrating its 56th anniversary, Jazz à Juan retains all the visceral instinct of its own legend. This year once again, as jazz and its close musical relatives cyrstallise into rare forms, the festival is more than ever open to artistic expression, welcoming many legendary figures who come to perform their most recent hits to the public.

Take a look at the 2016’s programme  here.

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