Le Puy-en-Velay
Le Puy-en-Velay

Located in the very heart of France, Auvergne is a unique area with a wellpreserved
natural environment, offering its visitors a real treat for body and
mind thanks to its monumental volcanoes, the quality of its products, the purity
of its springs and the sheer vastness of its landscapes. Auvergne is also home
to charming villages, impressive castles and Romanesque churches.

Top 5 For 2016

Auvergne Chosen As One Of Lonely Planet’s Best Destinations
Auvergne was chosen as one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 world destinations
to discover in 2016. The leading travel guide publisher described it as “An
unknown gem” and a must-see region. Chosen by a panel of experts, Auvergne
was the only region of France included in the “Best Of 2016” listing.

Horizon Sancy 10th Anniversary
2016 is the year of the 10th anniversary of the “Horizons Sancy”, an exhibition
in the heart of nature and whose success is based on the chemistry between
art and the great outdoors. During summer, the scenery of the Massif du Sancy
becomes the artistic playground of various artists taking their inspiration from
the natural sites. The results are amazing!

Spa Les Sources Du Haut Plateau
The brand new spa “Les Sources du Haut Plateau” is a perfect addition to the
accommodation and catering offered by Régis and Jacques Marcon. Nestled at
1130 meters altitude and blending in with the surrounding nature, it offers many
services in terms of wellbeing, relaxation and preventive healthcare.

Digital Detox In Vichy
VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel developed the innovative anti-stress Digital Detox®
programme, during which a series of anti-stress and wellbeing treatments are
offered. The first of its kind in France, this programme responds to the growing
awareness of the need to stay away from time-consuming digital demands
and temptations.

What We Are Looking Forward To In 2016

Auberge la Tomette ***
In the heart of the Chestnut region, the Auberge La Tomette is
the ideal place for nature lovers. For 2016, a brand new treehouse
has been built in the center of the park where you will be able to
enjoy your private jacuzzi in the midle of nature and lulled by the
sound of birds.

What We Are Looking Forward To In 2017

Revival of La Chaise Dieu Abbey
Famous for its Classical Music Festival, the abbey was the centre of
European religious influence during the Middle Ages and is today in
the heart of a major project (ending in 2017) that aims to showcase
the abbey in its entirety, allowing future visitors to understand its
function and architectural organisation.

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