Highlights for the summer 2020 at Nausicaá, the French National Sea Centre

Just a few days ago, Nausicaá re-opened its doors to the public, with a reorganised reception area to ensure that every visitor feels comfortable and the added reassurance that the highest standards of hygiene have been put in place throughout the centre.

During the temporary closure, all the teams have continued to work on a number of projects such as the creation of the new Mr.Goodfish space at the end of the “Mankind and Shores” exhibition, the setting up of a temporary exhibition, “In the Eye of the Climate”, and participation in World Oceans Day on 8 June with a challenge being put in place on social media, not to mention its commitment to the European “Ocean Literacy” project.

® Sophie et Jacques Rougerie

This year, the Mr.Goodfish programme is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Launched in March 2010 in France by Nausicaá, the French National Sea Centre, in Italy by the Acquario di Genova and in Spain by the Aquarium Finisterrae, the goal of the programme is to promote the sustainable and responsible consumption of the produce of the sea with the general public.

® Sophie et Jacques Rougerie

At the time of the programme’s 10th birthday, Nausicaá is opening a “fishbar” type food-bar. This will make it possible to show the importance of the voice of the consumer. The choice made at the fishmonger’s stall has the power to influence the sea produce sector as a whole. By following Mr.Goodfish’s recommendations and depending on the season and the state of the stocks, it is the whole sector in its entirety that will be able to work for the preservation of the resources.

Events and tastings around the produce of the sea will take place in this new interactive space.

The Mr.Goodfish programme aims to make the public a player in the preservation of marine resources by publishing, each season, a list of seafoods recommended by marine resource specialists. The goal of this initiative is to preserve the precarious stocks of fish, by consuming other species that are abundantly available.

The climate is a major preoccupation for Nausicaá, because the Oceans are at the heart of the gigantic worldwide climate machine. The immensity of the oceans and the incredible diversity of the species they are home to, are today affected by climate change. It is Earth’s natural equilibrium that is being disrupted. Our way of life as a whole is being impacted by these phenomena: health, safety, food, economy, habitat, culture, jobs… The Blue Planet nonetheless has an immense potential for helping us to restore a natural balance, and the Oceans could be the source of innovations and activities offering us hope for the future.

In its new “In the Eye of the Climate” exhibition, Nausicaá examines the subject of climate change with the scientific, educational and museographical know-how that has characterised the Centre for 30 years.

This exhibition is all the more striking as the viewpoint adopted is spectacular….an immersive experience that takes each visitor on an atmospheric journey with amazing décor, full-scale displays and a studio show employing cutting edge technology.  A spectacular discovery not to be missed!

For further information please contact: pressoffice.uk@atout-france.fr

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